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John D. Oswald j-oswald at TAMU.EDU
Mon Feb 15 11:02:32 CST 1999

   The Texas A&M University Insect Collection (TAMUIC) is pleased to
announce the availability of a new resource for systematists studying
insects and other terrestrial and freshwater arthropods. The new Texas A&M
University Insect Collection Species Browser is an interactive web site
(URL: http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/ento/bugadmin/spbrowserv3/main1.html)
designed to provide holdings information for species and subspecies
contained in the Texas A&M University Insect Collection. The site interface
is organized around a "stretch text" classification listing that provides
access to information on the approximate number of specimens of each
species held in the collection, the distribution of specimens held (to
biogeographic region) and whether or not specimens collected in Texas are
held in the collection. These data are available for more than 33,000
insect and related arthropod species and subspecies contained in the
TAMUIC, and represent more than 95 percent of the total number of named
species held in the collection.

   The principal objective of this new site is to more broadly distribute
information about specimen resources available in the TAMUIC to the
systematics community, particularly to revisionary systematists who may be
seeking additional sources of materials for their studies. The holdings of
the TAMUIC are strongest in species from the south-central and southwestern
United States and Mexico. We would especially like to encourage
systematists currently engaged in or contemplating work on the faunas of
these areas to view the site for materials that may be relevant to their

Texas A&M University Insect Collection Species Browser

John D. Oswald (j-oswald at tamu.edu)
Asst. Prof. & Curator
Insect Collection
Department of Entomology
Texas A&M University

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