This should start a thread ...

Jeet Sukumaran jeetsukumaran at PD.JARING.MY
Wed Feb 17 21:41:03 CST 1999

Raises the issue of "consumer protection" too.

What happens if a supposed new species is found to be a variation of an
previously existing one.  Does the name-buyer get his/her money back?

Ultimately, the commercialization of scientific names is a sall scandal if
it raises funds and awareness that, in some way, however indirectly, help
protect the rapidly disappearing biodiversity that we are trying to

Just another symptom of the increasingly mercenary (and hence ugly) world of
human affairs ... it all went downhill after they replaced salt with the
sesterce, you know.

No real harm, in my opinon, but it does leave one with either a bad taste or
a cynical smile (depending on the state of one's humor).

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