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Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Fri Feb 26 15:07:16 CST 1999

> I wrote:
> > Hey! is R.T. Clausen so soon forgotten?
> Who?     :-)

> > I can well remember my chagrin
> >  in systematic botany at Cornell at having thought Yew-niper-us
> >  wir-gini-anus a novelty when he was just discoursing on Juniperus
> >  virginianus.

* eccentric professor of botany, student of the systematics of Sedum,
and proponent of the botanical subspecies at Cornell. Also, to
herpetologists, the author of Eurycea bislineata major, the
supposedly-significantly-larger Two-lined Salamander of the St
Lawrence Valley.

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