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>At 01:13 PM 01-29-99 CST, Anita Cholewa  wrote:
>>This latest discussion, albeit interesting, has already been
>>thrashed and hashed in "The Disappearance" by Duane Isely,
>>Taxon 21:3-12. 1972.  Perhaps it should be standard reading
>>for all grad students?
Isely is an eloquent writer and it is an excellent paper for biology
students at ANY level to read.  I typically assign it the first week of
undergrad plant tax, when we discuss the significance of systematics in The
Greater Scheme of Things.  His "Plant Taxonomy: Sequential Saviors"  (pp.
473-475 in A. E. Radford, Fundamentals of Plant Systematics.  Harper & Row,
1986) is also well worth a look.

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