Systematics collections: EC TMR/LSF Grant Programme: MNHN-PARSYST

Nicolas Bailly bailly at CIMRS1.MNHN.FR
Tue Feb 2 12:10:18 CST 1999

Dear European Colleagues,

EC provides some facilities to access biological collections in some large
museums through Europe (sorry for scientists of other countries).

=46or the MNHN in Paris, the grant programme is called PARSYST.

European Community TMR programme
 " Access to Large Scale Facilities "
        " PARSYST "

Access to Systematics collections, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle,
Paris, France

Grants are available for Botanists, Zoologists, Paleontologists,
Environmental Biologists from the European Community , the Associated
States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Israel for research projects
involving access to the Paris Museum Systematics collections.

The next closing date for application receipt is: Monday 29 March 1999.

Application form and informations are available on the Web site:

fax: +331 40 79 35 80

Daniel Goujet - Paleontology (goujet at is the coordinator of the

After the granting is accepted, four people can assist you to prepare your
visit, during and at the end of your stay for technical problems
(computers, optical material, ..., enter result data in collection
databases, ...):
Nicolas Bailly - Ichthyology (bailly at
Bruno Bordenave - Phanerogamy (bordenav at
Christophe Daugeron - Entomology (daugeron at
Jean-Fran=E7ois Ducroz - Mammalogy (ducroz at

Note that all the collections in the MNHN may be visited and that the
laboratory list above is not restrictive.

Nicolas BAILLY              MNHN-IGA     bailly at
Museum national d'histoire naturelle
    Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie g=E9n=E9rale et appliqu=E9e
            43 rue Cuvier, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
T: 33 1 40 79 37 63  / 49 (Secr.) ; F: 33 1 40 79 37 71
Systematics collections: look at the PARSYST Programme:

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