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Editors: Ian J. Killeen, Mary B. Seddon & Anna M. Holmes
Journal of Conchology Special Publication No. 2   1998.
320pp. ISS N 0022-0019

This second Special Publication of the Journal of
Conchology comprises a proceedings volume of papers presented at the
Molluscan Conservation Conference held at the National Museum of
Wale s, Cardiff, U.K. - November 1996. Several malacological
conferences in the last few years have included symposia on the
conservation of Mollusca. This conference was the first to be
dedicated entirel y to this subject

This 320 page volume comprises 33 papers and 7 extended abstracts of
poster presentations. The paperscover seven main topic areas:
International Perspectives, Approaches to Monitoring and Conserving
Biodiversity, Molluscan Conservation and the European Union Habitats
& Species Directive, Societies and Surveys, Single Species
Conservation, Freshwater Mollusc Conservation, and Conservation of
the Marine Fauna .Although all of the papers presented were directed
towards conservation of molluscs, particularly within Europe, an
international perspective is covered by papers on conservation in
East Africa, South Africa and North America. Molluscan Conservation:
A strategy for the 21st Century will be an important reference work
for anyone working on conservation of the molluscan fauna.

Anna Holmes, BioSyB, National Museum of Wales, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF1 3=
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Ian J. Killeen,  Mary B. Seddon &  Anna
The role of IUCN in global conservation
CITES legislation and its implementation
Alison Rosser
Red Listing for molluscs: a tool for conservat ion?
Mary B.Seddon
Action Plan formulation for molluscan conservation - getting
the facts together for a global perspective
Philippe Bouchet & Olivier Gargominy
Dilemmas of rarity: biogeographical insights and
conservation: priorities for land molluscs
Robert A.D.Cameron
Molluscan conservation in South Africa: diversity, issues and
D.G. Herbert
Patterns of diversity and endemism in East African land snails and the imp=
lication for conservation
Peter Tattersfield
The effects of weeding exotic plants and rat control on
the snail fauna of Mauritian wet upland forest
F.B. Vincent Florens, D. D aby & R. Jones
A review of the conservation programme for the tree snails (Partulidae) of=
 Polynesia: a review of captive and wild
Georgina Mace, Paul Pearce-Kelly & Dave Clarke
A colony managem ent and analysis database relevant for mollusc
Dave Clarke, Ajay Burlingham-Johnson & Paul
An assessment of the mollusc faunas of grazing marsh
ditches using numerical indices, and their application for
monitoring and conservation
Ian J. Killeen
English Nature's contribution to the conservation of non-marine molluscs
Martin Drake
Implementing the Habitats Directive for mollu scs in Spain
Maria A. Ramos
Non-marine molluscan conservation and the National Trust:
policies and practices
Keith Alexander
The Conchological Society and molluscan conservation: past, present and fu=
Martin Willing
Marine molluscan conservation: the value of mapping as a conservation
Janice M. Light
Molluscan conservation: the importance of the fossil record
Richard Preece
Land Mollusca and the Oceanic element in Cardiganshire (West Wales)
Arthur Chater
Slugs and snails and thrushes' anvils: children's surveys of slugs and sna=
S.E.R. Bailey, M. North & L.M. Cook
Implementing the Habitats Dire ctive: Vertigo angustior (Jeffreys) in Wale=
Adrian P. Fowles
Translocation of habitat for the snail Vertigo moulinsiana in England
Robert E. Stebbings & lan J Killeen
Helix ceratina - a Corsican endemic on the verge of extinction
Philippe Bouchet, Theo Ripken & B. Recorbet
The ecology and conservation of the glutinous snail (Myxas glutinosa) in
Great Britain: a review (appendix by M.P Kerney)
M. Whitfield, R. Carlsson, Jeremy Biggs, D.Walker, A. Corfield, G. Fox & P=
. Williams;
Freshwater molluscan conservation in North America: problems
and practice
Arthur E. Bogan
Conservation issues for Margaritiferidae in the British Isles and Western =
Helena Chesney & P. Graham Oliver
Issues involved in protecting important populations of
Margaritifera margaritifera in England
Mary Gibson
The loss of a freshwater pearl mussel population (Margaritifera margaritif=
era) in
NW Wales
Ian J. Killeen, P. Graham Oliver & Adrian P. Fowles
Conservation methods for populations of Margaritifera margaritifera (L.) i=
n Finland
llmari Valovirta
Management priorities for the River Nore (Ireland) to conserve the Pearl M=
Margaritifera durrowensis Phillips, 1928
M.J. Costello, E. Moorkens, M. Larkin, I. Kurz, J. D owse
Conservation of brackish lagoonal faunas
Roger Bamber
Conservation issues relating to maerl beds as habitats for molluscs
Jason Hall-Spencer
The introduction of non-native marine molluscs to British waters and the i=
mplications to
nature conservation interests
N. Clare Eno
Can we develop a strategy for molluscan conservation in the next century?
Mary B. Seddon, IanJ. Killeen, Philippe Bouchet & Ar thur E.Bogan

A project to map the distribution of marine molluscs in the Channel: DOMMI=
Janice M. Light & Ian J. Killeen
The conservation status of Vertigo geyer i Lindholm, 1925 and V. genesii (=
Gredler, 1852) in the British Isles
Barry Colville
Progress towards a checklist and atlas of distribution for
the marine Mollusca of Ireland
J.D. Nunn & S.M. Smith
System atics and conservation genetics of the endemic snails of the subfam=
Leptaxinae (Mollusca, Pulmonata) in the Azores
P. van Riel, T. Backeljau, C. Brito, A.M. Frias Martins, K. Jordaens, H. d=
e Wolf & R.
A survey to map the distribution of the land and freshwater
molluscs of Surrey (England
)Janice M. Light
A survey of northern area inner London slugs and snails ("SNAILS")
Jane E. Reynolds
West Berkshire mollusc survey
Michael D. Weideli


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