Texas Bird Auction

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Wed Feb 17 15:49:31 CST 1999

While I agree with the uneasiness of many people commenting on this
issue, I think it should not be restricted to the "sale of names".

The idea which strikes me in this move by the AUDUBON society is that
somebody will take the patronage for a highly endangered species. In
doing so, she or he should be interested in preserving the continued
existence of this species.

Quite correctly, somebody pointed out that a species named smithii
does not really belong to a person after which it was named. However,
if the action extends beyond the auction, the patronage may be more
than just the buying of a name. Judicious use of name-patrons may
help in the protection of some species. I prefer living species with
a name sold at an auction to extinct species in museums or books.


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