NB Museum, Canada - Dr. Don McAlpine - UPDATE

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Wed Feb 17 18:02:17 CST 1999

Harrison, Ken wrote:

> In an earlier posting to TAXACOM, I mentioned that Dr. Don
> McAlpine, Curator of Zoology at the New Brunswick Museum,
> had been told to resign or be fired by Tuesday, February 2nd. To
> date, there has been no resolution to this situation.
> Dr. McAlpine is not allowed into the NB Museum facilities.

> One possible explanation for inaction of the NB Museum Board and the
> politicians who appoint the Board is that they are hoping that the
> storm of protest will subside.

> Those of you who know or who have dealt with Dr. McAlpine during his
> nearly 20 years with the New Brunswick Museum may wish to contact the
> following for an explanation of this situation, especially if you have
> not received an answer to your initial correspondence and wish to
> follow up.

* Nope, no answer from any of them. Should we just write again saying:
"Why no reinstatement or reply to my previous letter?" or are there
details of the "no resolution" that correspondents should know? There
were press reports saying Don might be offered another job in the NB
civil service, for example, or an enforced sabbatical at a University.
What is the status of these stories?

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