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Sally Shelton Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU
Mon Feb 22 13:25:11 CST 1999

A question I got from a museum studies student following a review of =
wildlife laws:=20

If an artifact containing wildlife parts (e.g. a headdress with feathers =
from listed species) is purchased in Country A, but seized by Customs upon =
the purchaser's entering Country B, what (if any) obligation does Country =
B have to Country A? Should Country B notify Country A that the item has =
been seized? Should Country B attempt to repatriate the item to the =
government of Country A? Is Country B justified if it reposits the item in =
its own governmental repository or museum withourt notifying Country A?=20

If the US is Country B, at what point does USFWS enter the picture if such =
an item is seized by Customs?=20

Thanks for your help.

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