handling parasitic nematodes

Luis C. Muniz lmuniz at NETGATE.COM.BR
Wed Feb 24 11:31:57 CST 1999

Dear Marion,

It=B4s really a good problem to work with helminths preserved in formalin
many years ago, the best way is put it in a solution of glycerine (+ - 20%)
to try to make it more soften.
I don=B4t know how you prepare posteriorly the nematoids, but here in our la=
we mount the helminths (not definitely), only to examine before to mount in
balsam, in a slide with phenol and posteriorly in a acethic acid, this
procedure make the helminth more clear.

Dr Luis C. Muniz
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At 18:08 23/02/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear taxacomers,
>Does anybody have experiences in handling parasitic nematodes (Strongylida)
>which were collected 30 years ago? I have the following questions:
>Is there any disadvantage in transferring specimens from formalin (in which
>they were stored for 30 years) into ethanol 70-80% with 1% glycerine? Would
>you know of any method to soften specimens so that they can be manipulated
>more easily for microscopic slides?
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