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Les Kaufman lesk at BIO.BU.EDU
Wed Feb 24 10:18:01 CST 1999

As the perpatrator of the last round of discussions about patronyms quite
a while ago, I had to react to the suggestion that they be abolished.

I don't know about you guys, but I am still finding it very difficult to
locate funds to ensure the training of somebody to replace me or my
senior colleagues in the study of those taxa in which I have special
taxonomic expertise, and the mere fact that I am doing this (trained as an
ecologist, though that in itself is no crime) amplifies the point.  If
somebody is willing to contribute to this cause in return for his or her
memory as a still-extant but critically endangered haplochromine, damned
if I'm going to turn the support down on some half-baked principle.

That notwithstanding I certainly prefer that species be given useful,
descriptive names.  I also prefer that the Red Sox remember how to play

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