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Stellaria is in the Subfamily Alsinoideae (-oideae is the subfamilial
ending -- the tribal name would be Alsineae) - in fact, Alsine media,
the type of Alsine, is the species better known as Stellaria media,
common chickweed.  Stellaria has never been been considered to have any
close relationship with the Sclerantheae (other than being in the same
family); it must just be a silly error if it is so referred in
Mabberley.  I don't know of any Web site that would have this type of
information routinely, although for the families that are complete
(principally ferns & gymnosperms) this information would be available
for North American taxa in the electronic (and hardcopy) version of
Flora of North America (try ...  John McNeill
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Subject: Caryophyllaceae
Author:  Tim Holtsford <HoltsfordT at MISSOURI.EDU> at Internet
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Can anyone tell me if the genus Stellaria belongs in the Tribe Alsinoideae
or Sclerantheae (family=Caryophyllaceae) ?  D.J. Moberly's 1997 _The Plant
Book_ has Stellaria listed in both.  And where might one look on the WWW
for this kind of info.?  Thanks in advance. th

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