Dieter at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu Waloßek Dieter at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu Waloßek
Tue Feb 2 09:09:45 CST 1999

Dear Taxacomers,after having moved to new buildings closer to the campus,
we have also moved our homepage to an own server. Now we found out that
various colleagues tried to reach our page using their outdated bookmarks
to particular subordinate pages, which, however, had to get new
addresses/links. This is a pertinent problem for any server provider, but
we can only produce a few dummies on the former server to main pages, not
all subordinate ones. Please delete your old bookmarks and reenter from our
new starting addresse to get into our homepage. Sorry for this
inconvenience, but I promise that this new system will continue for longer
. Yours, DIETER

Dieter Walossek
Section for Biosystematic Documentation
University of Ulm, Helmholtzstrasse 20, 89081 Ulm, Germany
phone 0731-50-31000/31001, Fax 31009
e-mail: dieter.walossek at biologie.uni-ulm.de -
Homepage of the >Gesellschaft fuer Biologische Systematik<:

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