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A focused node of Botanical web resources is at:

and a single page 'systematic' subset (file, find in page) is
maintained at:

A query ('stellaria') to the U.S. checklist (listed at both sites
above) yields:

Stellaria media (L.) Vill. - Common chickweed.  Present in the Texas
flora and known locally as: Chickweed starwort, chickweed  (Texas
Distribution by vegetation zone). Present in the CalFlora Database
(California distribution map). A photograph from the Brousseau
Collection.  Images available from the Vascular Plant Image Gallery.

     ssp. media Synonymy:   Alsine media L., Stellaria apetala Ucria
     ex Roemer, Stellaria media var. procera Klatt & Richter

     ssp. neglecta (Weihe) Murb. Synonymy:   Alsine neglecta (Weihe)
     A.& D. L=F6ve, Stellaria neglecta Weihe

     ssp. pallida (Dumort.) Aschers. & Graebn. Present in the CalFlora
     Database but treated as Stellaria pallida (Dumort) Pire
     (California distribution map). Synonymy:   Alsine pallida
     Dumort., Stellaria apetala auct. non Ucria ex Roemer, Stellaria
     media var. glaberrima G. Beck sensu Fern., Stellaria pallida
     (Dumort.) Cr=E9pin

and the synonymy provides a hint (confirmed by John McNeil) for
subfamily placement.  The Flowering Plant Gateway at:

provides a subfamily listing for the family (Thorne System) and
selection of the family name in this system provides a listing of
topical web links, including the rich family descriptions of the
DELTA system.  But, I don't think any include a specific reference to
this particular anomaly.  On-line treatments provided by the Flora
North American website do not include the Caryophyllidae at this
point in time.

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> Can anyone tell me if the genus Stellaria belongs in the Tribe Alsinoide=
> or Sclerantheae (family=3DCaryophyllaceae) ?  D.J. Moberly's 1997 _The P=
> Book_ has Stellaria listed in both.  And where might one look on the WWW
> for this kind of info.?  Thanks in advance. th

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