Systematics and Geography of Plants

Elmar Robbrecht E.Robbrecht at BR.FGOV.BE
Thu Feb 11 15:29:45 CST 1999

Home journals of Herbaria have a long standing tradition in systematic
botany. To quote a few: Adansonia, Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden,
Blumea, Brittonia, Kew Bulletin, Willdenowia.

The 'Bulletin du Jardin botanique de Belgique - Bulletin van de Nationale
Plantentuin van Belgi=EB' appears from this year on under the new name
'Systematics and Geography of Plants.' The home journal of the National
Botanic Garden of Belgium was founded in 1901 and has published famous items
such as the first version of Cronquist's system of the angiosperms. Taxonomy
of tropical African angiosperms always occupied a major place.

Format and presentation have been changed, and acceptance of papers is now
supervised by an international editorial board.

Volume 68 will appear in March 1999 and is a special issue with papers from
the 13th Symposium Morphology, Anatomy and Systematics.

Further information and guide for authors:

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