This should start a thread ...

Andreas Gminder agminder at STUTTGART.NETSURF.DE
Tue Feb 16 21:49:31 CST 1999

Hi to all,

I think a discussion with about the same topic run here not long ago.

Not that I would think it a too bad idea _in this example_, because the
money will go for an obviousely good purpose.

BUT: Were will be an end to selling new names when it is started now?
I'm horrified by the idea, how easy it is e.g. in mycology to name new
species and if someone is unscrupulous enough, he can make lots of money
perhaps. If you see some mycologists giving out dozends or even hundreds
of new species each year (for good reasons perhaps, no doubt), only in
scientific purpose, imagine the flood of "new species" that will come
upon us!
Will anyone care how long this name will stay before someone discouvers
it being a synonym? Or will there be a garantue for three or ten or
thirty years on it, being a good species?
By the way, anyone interested in naming some Mollisia species? If you
take 10 you recieve 1 for free ...

O.k., let's get serious again.
In my opinion it is a _very_ dubious development. Were is the border
between "good" (=scientific) and "bad" (commercial) and who will decide
on that?

In worry,
Andreas Gminder - Stuttgart - Germany

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