Temporary Pool film--has anyone seen it?

Richard Hill Richard_Hill at DOT.CA.GOV
Tue Feb 16 12:57:24 CST 1999

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Has anyone seen this film and, if so, willing to give me a review?  Is it
useful in an educational sense?


This film is entitled "We die to live - primeval shrimps and the art of
survival". Produced for "Adventure in Science (45min)" SDR and a 30 min
version for ARTE. Broadcasted in Germany and France (ARTE) in 1997/98.

Synopsis :

Since 200 million of years, the primeval shrimps (Branchiopods) are
existing without having changed - they are living fossils. In perfect
adaptation to temporary freshwater ponds or salt lakes, they have developed
resting eggs which contain an embryo. These eggs are able to resist many
decades of dryness. The embryo can survive without any metabolism. But how
can these seemingly dead embryos prevent decay? What switches life on
again? The film demonstrates ecology and life strategy of branchiopods,
including the latest research results regarding the permanent eggs and some
aspects of human use.

Key words: Branchiopods, Notostraca, Conchostraca, Anostraca, Living
Fossils, Evolution, Diapause

 Nominations and awards for the production:

 We die to live - primeval shrimps and the art of survival

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=B7 =D6KOMEDIA 1997 Freiburg (Germany) 14. International Ecological Fil=
Festival, Freiburg

=B7 BODRUM 1998 Bodrum (Turkey) 2. International Environmental Film Fes=

=B7 BIOVISION 1998 D=FCsseldorf (Germany): Puschkin - Special award

=B7 NATURALE 1998 Bad D=FCrkheim (Germany): Silver medallion

=B7 EKOTOPFILM 1998 Zilina (Slovakia) International Festival of Profess=
Films, TV and Videoprogrammes: Prize of V=E1hostav Zilina

=B7 14. International Festival for scientific films 1998 Palaiseau (Fra=
Prize for the best film of foreign countries

=B7 17. Festival International du film d=B4Environnement 1998 RIENA (Fr=
Prize for the best documentary

=B7 13. International SCOOP and NEWS Festival 1998 Angers (France): Spe=
Prize of the Jury

=B7 IMAGE & SCIENCE 1998 Paris (France) 15. Int. Television Science Pro=
Festival: GRAND PRIX




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