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Dieter at Waloßek Dieter at Waloßek
Wed Feb 17 10:24:00 CST 1999

Hi all,
this film has been produced some time ago by ORCA nature film co. from
Munich. Scientists appearing  in this film include Erich Eder and Walter
Hoedl  from Austria, Patric Sorgeloos from the Artemia reference centre in
Belgium and me. More details (and all the prices this film won recently)
are to be seen on my homepage (added below) or more specific on Please accept my
appologies that we haven't translated this page into English (would be
great if a native speaker would help us with an English version).

I likethe video particularly because of its pictures of the beautiful
animals from exceptional views. Yet the older version, shown in ARTE in
summer 97, was much more scientific and showed more of the animals, while
the new (longer) version deals, in my view, too much with the durability
strategy (which was more spectacular to the TV producers that to the film
producers who did like their original product more). There are still a few
mistakes which could not be cut out although I had critized them, such as
teh three eyes of Notostraca (actually the eyes and the dorsal organ), but
otherwhise an informative video and nice for any type of lectures.

Both versions can be ordered from ORCA directly, and there may even be an
English versionavailable already  (address on my homepage).


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