Anita F. Cholewa chole001 at TC.UMN.EDU
Wed Feb 17 09:18:42 CST 1999

Actually "smithii" means "in honor of Mr. Smith" and not "belonging to".

While I might disagree with the idea of naming organisms in honor of
someone, it could just as easily be argued that it is just as arrogant
to name things in the first place (see Joe's argument).
If we scientists were to decide on the parameters for allowing (horrors)
the public to come up with the name base, how is that much different
from we elitists now doing the naming ourselves?  We already say or at
least agree that certain words are not acceptable.  If decided on some
additional parameters and the final name would still havae to follow the
International Code, why would that be wrong?  I need better arguments to
vote against.
Anita F. Cholewa
Univ. of Minnesota Herbarium
J.F. Bell Museum of Nat. Hist.

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