Splitters and Lumpers

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I do not know if is good idea if editor will command authors / scientists
after who species could or has to be named...



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P=F8edm=ECt: Splitters and Lumpers

>I agree with points made by Andreas Gminder regarding the selling of nam=
>and the potential increase in new species. I also fear an enormous incre=
>of "new species", and (possibly?) institutional pressure on systematists=
>"discover" them.  In spider systematics there are frightening examples o=
>excessive splitting, e.g., with a single author creating over 30 junior
>subjective synonyms for a common African nursery-web spider (literature
>citation available on request). Other examples are in the tarantulas:
>certain authors are describing new species and introduce new genus names=
>groups which also contain CITES-listed species, faster than professional=
>can revise them, thus supporting a rather questionable pet trade.
>Andreas is right: Where are the funds for the revisions? It will take
>centuries to clean the problem up.
>I am grateful for this discussion, because as an editor of an arachnolog=
>journal I will now pay closest attention to the publication of new speci=
>under such circumstances.  It is here where editors, the reviewers and
>scientific societies must protect the integrity of taxonomy and
>The selling of names has the potential to destroy systematics. And with
>still too many journals not having proper review procedures in place, th=
>danger is real.
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