New Bryophyte Flora of North America Web Site

Barbara M. Thiers bthiers at NYBG.ORG
Sat Feb 20 09:22:29 CST 1999

     The Bryophyte Flora of North America has a new web site:

     The purpose of the BNFA site is to provide general information on the
     bryophyte flora project, instructions for participants, and, most
     importantly, the actual "provisionally published" treatments.  As soon
     as a treatment of a family or genus has been reviewed for taxonomic
     content and proper format, it will be posted to this site for public
     use and review.

     Highlights of this initial posting:

     1. List of participants and treatment assignments
     2. Link to the Bryoflora Management System for upload and download of
        treatments by project participants
     3. Guides for preparation, submission and review of treatments
     4. Key to the moss genera of North America
     5. Provisionally published treatments of: Ephemeraceae, Calymperaceae,
     Leucophanaceae, Oreas (Dicranaceae), Leucobryaceae, Trichodon
     (Ditrichaceae), Bryoxiphiaceae, Splachnobryaceae, Crypheaceae,
     Meteoriaceae, Platygyrium (Hypnaceae), Ptychomitriaceae, Racopilaceae,

     Additional treatments will be posted approximately monthly.

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