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Wilbert Hetterscheid hetter at VKC.NL
Mon Feb 22 06:21:12 CST 1999

> I believe that each proven plant hybrid deserves a binomial that
> follows
> precisely the botanical rules of nomenclature.  Many have yet to be
> named.
> Orchidologists seem to have tahen the lead on naming intergeneric
> hybrids,
> but few have taken it to the species level, choosing cultivar names
> instead.
> --Steve Hill
Which is the sound way of doing it.

> We need a pigeonhole for these in our collections! Every specimen
> should
> have its place, looked at from a utilitarian standpoint.
You can also find a place in a collection when you learn to use cultivar
epithets. It is this administrative reasoning that leads to the creation
of superfluous binomials. Replace yourself in the position of users of
cultivated plants who are often victim of the instability of scientific
plant names. My suggestion is that WHEN it can be avoided, don't create
more "latin" and ICBN-dependency than strictly necessary. In the case of
hybrids created in cultivation, for the purpose of being used in
commercial trade etc., DON'T create more "Latin" than necessary, so skip
the exercise of establishing nothospecific epithets but let taxonomists
of cultivated plants do the job in focussing on cultivar- and
cultivar-group nomenclature (ICNCP).

There will be a proposal by the Hybrid Committee in St. Lousi in which
typification of cultigenic hybrid genera is dealt with, using specimens
representing cultivars.

Wilbert Hetterscheid

> At 05:49 AM 2/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >Dear Colleagues
> >
> >We frequently hear and teach "All supraspecific taxa are artifacts
> and not
> >biological entities. Every organism should have a specific or
> >infraspecific name". When lecturing about names of hybrids I submit
> to my
> >strudents my inability to find a binomial under X Triticale (the
> hybrid
> >genus most people seem to know too well from books on genetics) and
> always
> >give them alternate binomials such as X Agropopogn lutosus  as an
> >exampleof intergeneric hybrid.
> >
> >  My question is: do we have a binomial under X Triticale and if not
> how
> >do we justify the situation.
> >
> >
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