Chromosome numbers in plants -Reply

Hugh D. Wilson wilson at BIO.TAMU.EDU
Mon Feb 22 07:24:53 CST 1999

I was unable to find a count for Chenopodium quinoa (a much counted
species) MBG VAST file, which suggests that IPCN incorporation is
incomplete.  Since the user interface forces a species-by-species
check (no tabular output) its difficult to determine how many counts
are available in this dataset (maybe someone from MBG can comment).

A check of the Kew DNA database at:

produces two counts for Chenopodium (the literature carries counts
for at least 30 species of the genus)

Anybody know of any other sources of plant chromosome count info on

This demonstrates the tendency to put data of local disciplinary
interest (type specimens) on line while ignoring systematic data
that might have a broader application.

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> Chromosome counts from the publication series Index to Plant
> Chromosome Numbers (IPCN) have been incorporated into the Missouri
> Botanical Garden's VAST (VAScular Tropicos) nomenclatural database
> and associated authority files.
> The WWW address is:
> Although I can see the advantages of one large integrated database, I
> personally find that searching out the chromosome numbers for plant
> species slow and truncated compared to their old IPCN searchable index.
> Incidentally, I have compiled an Index of Chromosome Numbers of New
> Zealand Indigenous Spermatophytes sheduled for publication in the New
> Zealand Journal of Botany in the year 2000.  Hopefully a searchable
> version will be placed on the Landcare Research Website within that
> timeframe.
> Hope this helps,
> Murray Dawson
> <lqueiroz at CASCAVEL.UEFS.BR> 19/February/1999 11:07am >>>
> Dear Taxacomers,
>         I am looking for a website where we can search for chromosome
> numbers in
> plants. Does someone know if it does exist ? I am interested in
> chromosome
> counts in Leguminosae tribe Phaseoleae subtribe Diocleinae, mainly
> genera
> Galactia, Collaea, Camptosema, Cratylia and Dioclea. Any informations
> will
> be very wellcome.
>         Thanks in advance
>         LUCIANO
Hugh Wilson - Biology - Texas A&M University

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