name for new genus

Wed Feb 24 05:07:48 CST 1999

> Our third option would be to use a =
>  commemorative name (and we are not asking for bids...).

Another option is to coin a completely arbitraty
name. Muilla, for example, is simply Allium spelled
backwards. I would prefer something short and easily
pronounceable over long and cumbersome. The problem
with commemorative generic names (besides my own
philosophical ojbections)  is that people
have been creating them for so many years that we are
running out of possibilities. Someone wanted to name
a genus after Billie Turner at the University of
Texas. There was already a Turnera, so the plant was
named Billieturnera. With all do respect to Dr. Turner,
has done me many kind favors over the years, I think
this is rather silly.
   As an aside, Dr. Turner called me on the telephone
several years ago informing me he intended to
name a new species after me. It took me ten minutes
to convince him not to.

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere
"Computito ergo sum ...  I link therefore I am."

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