World List of Cycads

Ken Hill ken_hill at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Thu Feb 25 16:26:18 CST 1999

     The World List of Cycads now has a web site:

     I have been working on a cycad web project off and on for a year now,
     lately with collaboration of Dennis Stevenson of the New York
     Botanical Garden. The time seems right for a public announcement, even
     though the site is not finished (but of course these things never
     really are). The aim of the site is to provide a complete botanical
     treatment of the cycads, up to date with latest information and
     botanical developments.

     Individual species treatments are not all there, but look at some in
     Cycas or Zamia for an idea of what is eventually planned. Similarly
     the identification programs are incomplete and a little crude as yet,
     but still give some idea. The world list of cycad names is complete
     and up to date for published names, with a few that are expected very

     Cycad taxonomy is not universally agreed, and I would welcome
     different viewpoints (with reasons, of course!). I would particularly
     welcome any comments on the behaviour of the site with different
     browsers (it has been designed with Netscape 4 and runs in a
     Microsoft-free zone)


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