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GIS in Biogeography is a new mailing list for biologists, ecologists,
geographers, and GIS professionals that are interested in any geospatial
aspect of biological research.

Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to:

-Applications and methods in GIS to facilitate mapping and analysis of
 taxa distributions.
-Theoretical biogeography and speciation.
-Paleoclimatology, plate tectonics, vicariance, and panbiogeography
as        applied to biological phenomena.
-Geospatial database design, implementation, and advances.
-Modelling spatial distributions and patchiness across ecological
-Announcements of interest to biogeographers using GIS.
-Educating biologists about the advantages and opportunities of the GIS.
-Real time tracking including radio-telemetry and GPS.
-Software and modelling packages and architectures.
-Hardware requirements and limitations.

GIS in Biogeography is an unmoderated list.  The listowner is David C.
Taylor (dtaylor at, who has an interest in the aforementioned
subjects, with a special interest in the systematics of the Pineapple
family (Bromeliaceae).

To join this discussion list point your web browser to:


David C. Taylor, GIS Technician
Terrapoint LLC, A Transamerica Company at
Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)
dtaylor at

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