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Those interested in the debate on the requirement for a Latin diagnosis
or description for valid publication of names of new taxa under the
Botanical Code (equiv. to "available" in zoospeak) may find the
appended list of references (see foot of e-mail) to the topic of
interest.  (Also sent separately as a WordPerfect attachment)

My own 1997 paper gives the rationale for the suggestion in the Draft
BioCode that diagnoses or descriptions be in English or Latin (no other
language) for the establishment of names of new taxa.

So far as Botany is concerned, my personal view has changed but little
from that expressed in my 1990 paper, namely that, after the
overwhelming rejection in Yokohama in 1987 of the proposal to permit
English as an ALTERNATIVE to Latin, any new initiative in this
direction, to be successful, and to gain support of anglophones such as
myself, must come from persons whose first language is NOT English.  The
proposal along these lines by one such botanist (Chaudhri, 1992) was
also heavily defeated in Berlin in 1993.  The preliminary mail ballot
open to all members of IAPT will give some guidance as to whether
Craven's (1997) more extreme proposal will garner support.

Perhaps one of Llamas's (1999) suggestions in the most recent published
contribution to the debate -- that "to publish a new name under the BioCode, it
should be compulsory to provide a description, not merely a diagnosis, of
the taxon in two different major modern languages" Llamas goes on:
"optionally, Latin could be a substitute for one of the modern
languages. Although Llamas does not suggest it (indeed wants to maintain
the _status quo_), this might be the solution for the Botanical Code as

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>    Please explain the proposal to which you refer
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> informed as to what is on the agenda there

See:  Proposal 06-09 by L.A. Craven in Taxon Nov. 1997 46(4):808-809

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