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Karstad-Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Tue Jan 5 13:31:28 CST 1999

ricardo wrote:
> To make organised, I have make a search on <
> Tenebrionidae > on yahoo, altavista, nlsearch, euroseek, stpt,
> looksmart and infossek, and now  I am little puzzled..
> How this page/reference are sorted?

* you may be able to organize the output within the individual search
engines, or you may want to use a meta search engine to combine the
reselts from several search engines. Heres a message from another list
with a lot of URL's.

Karstad-Schueler wrote:

> a couple of meta-search engines that use other searchemgines and
> complile the results:
> (I think this is the best way to search for stuff).
> fred.

Anna Krupnik-Boudreau wrote:

Here's another...
It's pretty much the only one I use!

Louise Atfield wrote:

There are very many search engines available.  The site I like the most
lists a whole array of search engines from which you can choose
depending on what you want to find.   Sometimes,
one engine will not yield anything and another one will.  The address
for this site is:

hope these help. Try each one out and see which ones you like; I prefer

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