Scale Insect Forum opens

Francesco Porcelli porcelli at AGR.UNIBA.IT
Fri Jan 8 15:05:25 CST 1999

Dear Colleague,
During the VIII International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies held in
Wye,  UK, in September 1998, colleagues proposed establishing a Web-site =
the Internet [in order] to enhance communication among students of the
While indicating the significant role of  "The Scale" Newsletter, it was
suggested that an Internet site might reach a wider range of colleagues i=
other areas of Natural History and Applied Biology and provide informatio=
in a more timely manner.
We have established the suggested web site and are pleased to inform you
that the "Scale Insect Forum" is available on the Internet at
You are invited to enter the new site.   We would appreciate receiving an=
comments and suggestions that you may have.
They can be sent to: scaleinfo at

Francesco Porcelli and Yair Ben-Dov

Francesco Porcelli
Istituto di Entomologia Agraria,
Universit=E0 di Bari
Via Amendola, 165/a
70125 Bari Italy

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