historical biogeography: practical request

Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Wed Jan 13 09:41:01 CST 1999

One site I've visited is:

Paleogeographic globes

I seem not to have bookmarked the URL of another one I also saw, but you
could probably locate it or others by searching for paleogeography,
paleomaps, or paleoclimate in AltaVista or other web search engines.

At 12:20 PM 13-01-1999 EST, Thomas Schlemmermeyer
>    Is there any good source in the internet or anywhere else, where
>    one can nicely move around the continental plates in order to see
>    how they fit to each other, and can get also a good feeling of the
>    climatic condition which supposedly have ruled at different geological
>    ages on different parts of the world?  ...

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