"coded" Reptile classification (with markers for mammals and birds)

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Wed Jan 13 11:48:10 CST 1999

    Sorry about that Tom.  That's why I published the book, so people
would have lots of examples from all taxonomic groups (it's not listed
in Books In Print, but university libraries usually order the book if
asks them to).
     Anyway, the "barebones" of the reptile classification is given
below.  I am at home
using WebTV, so I can't underline paraphyletic symbols,
so I will just put the underline beside the symbol.  Hopefully that
won't throw the columns off too much.
                Class Reptilia/Reptilea
   1   Pelycosauriformes
   a_  Therapsiformes
   a_  {{Mammalia/Mammalea}}
   2   Captorhiniformes (and two minor orders)
   B   Procolophoniformes
   C   Testudiniformes (turtles)
   3   Araeosceliformes and 3 minor orders
   1_  Sauropterygiformes
   ?   Ichthyosauriformes
   B   Younginiformes (= Eosuchia)
   C   Sphenodontiformes
   D   Squamatiformes
   2   Rhynchosauriformes
   B   Protorosaurifomes
   C   Trilophosauriformes
   3   Thecodontiformes
   1_  Crocodyliformes (incl. Sphenosuchids)
   2   Pterosauriformes
   3   Saurischiformes
   a_  {{Aves/Avea}}
   4   Ornithischiformes
      As you can see, the regular paraphyletic symbol (underlined a)
does not interrupt the cladistic sequence.  However, the underlined 1
(1_) does interupt it and begin a new cladistic sequence.  Thus, Order
Thecodontiformes paraphyletically gives rise to the clade of orders
which follow it (and through the Saurischiformes give rise to birds as
well).  I know that traditional cladists find this approach strange, but
it will work (even if the coding system need to be fine-tuned to address
the concerns of varying viewpoints).  (By the way, if your university
wants the book, they can get ordering information from me or from the
OCLC/WorldCat databases of the Library of Congress).
                     Hope this helps,  Ken Kinman

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