Carex tomentosa

Colin Smith Smithco at STAFF.EHCHE.AC.UK
Fri Jan 22 14:41:07 CST 1999

To whom it may concern

  I have made this plea before on TAXACOM but problems concerning our
network here in the college mean that I have to launch my appeal for
seeds and/or tillers of this species of sedge once more.  I lost all
previous records.  Information on the species is difficult to find, as a
result I am open to advice or direction from anyone who may be able to
help.  What I have in mind is to propagate the plant here in the college
from as many different populations as posible.  It would be less
troublesome to contributers to the TAXACOM service if replies were to
be sent to  my e-mail address,  smithco at

Thank you

Colin Smith.

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