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Mary Mary.Seddon at NMGW.AC.UK
Fri Jan 22 18:32:17 CST 1999

Biodiversity databases at NMGW

The NMGW Biodiversity and Systematic Biology Collections are being
databased as part of the curatorial process and we have reached a
point where we can make the files accessible to external users.  At
present we have one prototype searchable database available on-line
allowing searches on the Bivalve collection.  The database will be
replaced with a tidier version in terms of data quality in about three
weeks, but we are currently testing the interface/search times and we
would be grateful for your assistance in this, as we will be placing
the following files on-line in the next month:

Mollusca:  Gastropods- Prosobranchs (40% of Melvill-Tomlin
Mollusca:  Gastropods- Pulmonates (20% of Melvill-Tomlin
Molluscs:  Cephalods- Hoyle Collections (100% of
Annelida: Polychaetes   (part of collection inclduing types)
Vertebrates: Mounted Specimens (100% of collecti on)
Vertebrates: Bird Skins collection (100% of collection)

We are aware of various typographical errors on the pages, and these
are being amended at present, but in order to get feedback before we
finalise the search structure for the other files listed above we
would be grateful if you take some time to look at the search facility
( tango/molluscanpilot/home.htm) and comment
on the following points:

NB You will need autoload images to search on-line at present (this is
under review)



Research Area:

Browser (including version):
Modem speed:

Did you find that access to the information was easy?

How did you find the search response time?

What sort of searches are you be interested in being able to carry out

Thank you for your time in assisting us develop our on-line services.
 Please note that if you book mark this address, it will only be
operational for a month, and after this a sleeker, shorter address
will hopefully  be in place!

With best wishes
Dr. Mary Seddon
Head of Mollusca
Biodiversity & Systematic Biology
National Museum of Wales
Cathays Park
Mary.Seddon at
Tel 44-1222-573-343 (Direct)
Fax  44-1222-239-009

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