historical biogeography of deserts

Bob Makinson Bob.Makinson at EA.GOV.AU
Mon Jan 25 11:05:56 CST 1999

     Michael Ohl requested references for desert biogeography and
     evolution.  The volumes below, while now slightly dated, remain
     extremely useful for the Australian arid zone.

     Barker, W.R. & P.J.M. Greenslade, Evolution of the flora and fauna of
     arid Australia.  Peacock Publications, 1982.  ISBN0 909209 62 6

     Keast, A. (ed.)  Ecological biogeography of Australia, vol. 1  Dr W.
     Junk, 1981.

     Hope this helps,

     Bob Makinson
     Australian National herbarium, Canberra
     bob.makinson at ea.gov.au

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Subject: historical biogeography of deserts
Author:  Michael Ohl <h0662dgt at RZ.HU-BERLIN.DE> at Internet
Date:    22/1/99 11:56 AM

Dear all,

similar to Thomas Schlemmermeyer's recent biogeographical request,
I add another one:
Is there any good source in the internet or anywhere else about
evolution, geology, and biogeography of the deserts of the world. I am looking
for both scientific and more popular presentations and also for information
about the evolution of both deserts in general and specific deserts.
Recent studies on animal and plant adaptations in desert habitats
would also be welcome.

Best wishes, Michael


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