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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Tue Jan 26 15:16:40 CST 1999

And you, sir, are the most naive person I have come across this year -- yes, it
is only January and there are an enormous number of naive people in the world,
very many of whom send chain letters believing they are not --- did you think of
calling the American Cancer Society who, I am certain, would have assured you
this was yet another hoax.  John McNeill
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Subject: Re: Please pass this on!
Author:  STEVE MONROE <cyconaut at HOTMAIL.COM> at Internet
Date:    26/01/1999 12:17

      mfobrien at Tue Jan 26 05:32:55 1999 wrote:

>You are a blithering idiot for sending chain e-mail, especially to a
>seerver.  Not only is it unwanted, it is also technically illegal -
>to spam.
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  Dear Sir;

  This is in response to your reply of my being a "blithering idiot".

  If you had actually read the message you would have noticed that it
was more than a chain letter but possibly a child's last wish and hope
for life. It asked no more than for you to take the time to forward the
message to a few people, that a donation of 3 cents would be made on
behalf of every person that the message is forwarded to. The message was
started by a professional and educated person much like myself and, I
assume, most others on the Taxacom list. I do NOT advocate chain
letters, but I hoped that after reading it that others would make an
exception in this case as I myself chose to do. I also believe that most
of the good people who subscribe to this list will also understand and
hopefully be more sensitive.
  You sir are a hostile and ignorant man to begrudge the last gasp for
life from a small child who probably is praying right now that there are
people in this world who might take a few minutes of their prescious
time to try and possibly save her life and maybe even one day their own
or someone close to them. I hope the rest of you will lower yourself to
my level and share in my "blithering" attempt to evolve as a human

   Steve Monroe

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