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Atilano Contreras-Ramos atilano at IBUNAM.IBIOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Fri Jan 29 13:55:31 CST 1999

>...witness the recent PCAST report (Teaming
>with Life), the Darwin Declaration, and a hundred other government and NGO
>studies recommending millions of dollars for taxonomy, systematics,
>Our goal now should be to form a vibrant, collaborative infrastructure that
>is teaming with systematists, related scientists and information networks
>in order to demonstrate that we are a community that can put such
>appropriations to best use for science and society.

Entirely agree.  But, 1st world scientists should keep in mind that some of
us (in 3rd world societies) have even a longer way to go and more obstacles
to overcome.  Yes, taxonomists should not be pessimistic, but here (at
least) we have to be critical.  It is hard to concentrate on making a nice
drawing of insect genitalia and at the same time expect a miracle to pay a
rent and credit card debt with a salary that is less (this is true) than an
assistanship of a graduate student in the US. To a large extent goods
(overall, our economy) is in dollars.  Salaries are in pesos.  Salaries of
politicians and administrators are in dollars.  But we'll keep our
enthusiasm for systematics, for a while at least...

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