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I got the PCAST and Darwin Declaration documents (searched Altavista) and found
them valuable. Can you (or anyone else) cite a few of the "hundred other"
studies that might be on the Web? Even their titles would help. The rationale
for "recommending millions" might work for the few thousand I need--I'm an

R. Zander

Leonard Krishtalka wrote:

> OK.  Let's end this thread of the world not wanting taxonomy and
> taxonomists. First, self-pity won't advance an enterprise.  Second, all the
> evidence is to the contrary -- witness the recent PCAST report (Teaming
> with Life), the Darwin Declaration, and a hundred other government and NGO
> studies recommending millions of dollars for taxonomy, systematics,
> phylogenetics, and the rest of biodiversity science in the short term and
> more in the longer term.


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