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Sergey Balandin balandin at HERBA.MSU.RU
Sun Jan 3 12:04:46 CST 1999

A Happy New Year !

BINTAGOR is a trade (market) name of woods of Calophyllum spp.
 (except C. inophyllum) - Guttiferae s.l.

Sergei A. Balandin
Herbarium of the Moscow State University

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>dear list,
>Please respond to Darryl if you have some information for him.
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>Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 10:51:20 -0600
>From: "Darryl N. Searcy" <searcy at net1inc.net>
>To: wardjer at mail.auburn.edu
>Subject: Plant Identification
>Dr. Ward:
>I have a scientist friend who lives in Malaysia.  He is asking if I have
>every heard of a tree called "bintangor."  I have not.  Apparently it is
>found in Borneo and much useful research is being done with extracts tak=
>from the tree.  Have you heard of it, know about it, or are you aware of
>any research being done anywhere in the world.  My associate was asking =
>I knew the Latin for it.  I do not and am unable to find it in the libra=
>available to me.
>Appreciate your help.
>Darryl N. Searcy

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