Endangered Genera (or Families)?

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Jan 7 15:20:41 CST 1999

Some cladistic analyses have been applied to ranking taxa
with different weghts according to their position on the
cladogram (some British Museum people). There have
been some papers published on this,
but I don't have the most recent (perhaps someone on this
list knows them).

A couple of the older ones are:

Vane-Wright et al. (1991) What to protect? - systematics and the
agony of choice. Biological Conservation 55, 235-254.

Williams, P. H. et al. (1991) Measuring biodiversity: taxonomic
relatedness for conservation priorities. Australian Systematic Botany 4,

I have no personal judgement on their validity, but no doubt views
on this will be as complex as cladistic analysis gets in general.

John Grehan

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