phylogeny & conservation priorities

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For a few notes on these approaches, and on some of the problems, we have
web pages at  Of particular
relevance to these refs may be the page

Paul Williams

At 21:56 08/01/99 +1100, you wrote:
>For some recent discussion on methods for phylogenetic-based evaluation of
>conservation priorities, see:
>Roy, K., and Foote, M. (1997). Morphological approaches to measuring
>biodiversity. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 12, 277-281.
>Williams, P., Humphries, C., Vanewright, D., and Gaston, K. (1997).
>Descriptive and predictive approaches to biodiversity measurement. Trends
>in Ecology and Evolution 12, 444-445. (critique)
>Foote, M., and Roy, K. (1997). Descriptive and predictive approaches to
>biodiversity measurement: reply. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 12, 445.
>See also: Faith, D. P. (1994). Genetic diversity and taxonomic priorities
>for conservation. Biological Conservation 68, 69-74, for a somewhat
>different approach.
>Mike Crisp

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