historical biogeography: practical request

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed Jan 13 12:20:44 CST 1999

 Dear all,

  Agreeing with the recent emphasis in the messages on aspects of
  biogeography, but not being perfectly well informed about all the
  intricated, subtle and complex methodological debates in the realm
  of vicariance- and panbiogeography, my request is a rather practical

    Is there any good source in the internet or anywhere else, where
    one can nicely move around the continental plates in order to see
    how they fit to each other, and can get also a good feeling of the
    climatic condition which supposedly have ruled at different geological
    ages on different parts of the world?

    I am not looking for a scientific publication. I would like to have
    a simple heuristic device which allows me to reconstruct past situations

          with best wishes   Thomas

Thomas Schlemmermeyer
Museu de Zoologia, Universidade de Sco Paulo
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CEP 04299-970
Sco Paulo, SP, Brasil

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