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Trojan Horse Supervirus Could
Be Worse Than AIDS, Warn Docs --
And TWICE As Deadly!
by Kevin Creed/Weekly World News


CHICAGO, ILL. -- Concerned scientists say the dreaded "Trojan Horse"
computer virus has made the jump to humans -- and the brain-eating bug may
soon be sweeping through America, claiming even more human lives than the
AIDS epidemic!
An unidentified 38-year-old man known only as Patient Zero has been
diagnosed with the virus that had been heretofore found only in PCs.

"We've been dreading this day," said noted virologist Dr. Frederick
Attingale who made the terrifying diagnosis. "We knew it was only a matter
of time. That's how these things work.
"At some point, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome -- AIDS -- made the jump
from monkeys to man. Now, in a similar way, the Trojan Horse virus has
worked its way into the human population. Both viral transmissions were
bound to happen sooner or later."

Dr. Attingale will not name the Chicago-area hospital where Patient Zero is
being held. But the prognosis is not good.
"People whose PCs have been infected know the virus eats away the hard disks
and 'nervous systems' before anyone is aware that their computers have been

"I'm afraid the same thing is happening in this man's body."

The patient, a junior executive with a large investment firm, is suffering
from nerve spasms, hearing and vision loss and severe deterioration of the
parts of the brain that govern memory, reasoning, math and language. His
brain and nerves are being literally eaten away.

"There's no known cure and the illness continues to worsen," Dr. Attingale
said. "He can barely communicate with us now."

The alarming situation came to light early last month when the patient went
to his family physician complaining of headaches and memory lapses.

The doctor, suspecting a virus, referred him to Dr. Attingale.

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