Post floral elongation of the culm in Carex.

Nigel Blackstock Blackstn at STAFF.EHCHE.AC.UK
Thu Jan 21 17:02:17 CST 1999

Dear All

I am currently working on the Carex flava complex and need a bit of
information on the phenomenon of post floral culm elongation in Carex.  In
C. flava and C. viridula ssp. brachyrhyncha such post floral elongation
allows the dispersal of the nutlets outside the caespitose genet of the
parent.  I need to find out how common this form of seed dispersal is
within the genus Carex.  Any ideas?  Clearly this is of limited interest so
replies to my personal e-mail would probably be preferred.

As a foot note could anybody supply me with seed from any members of
the C. flava complex??


blackstn at

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