when is location no longer important?

Elaine Chittenden chitt at GROUNDS.MSU.EDU
Mon Jan 25 08:28:33 CST 1999

Dear taxacom readers using index semina:

We are trying to decide on a minimum number of criteria to define for our
own collections
what would be acceptable information to consider something as wild.

One group of people want clear concise parameters such as "We will not
consider this incoming accession wild if it has no more information than
country, state and(or) a place name of some kind". Consequently we try to
order seed with adequate location documentation where possible.  To this
end we have evaluated those catalogs that have good location data for wild
collected or documented taxa.

Sometimes minimal location information is given in another language that
American's do not always fully understand but at least that information is
recorded, and most times it is clear what country it came from.

For example if it is fairly clear from an Index Seminum catalog that a
specific accession has minimal location information such as country only
and one has minimum location "acceptable standards" are we loosing
something or not?

One of the ultimate reasons for growing wild accessions is to be able to go
back to the population, especially if something special is later discovered
about plants from that place.  This is presumablly not to be done without
the assistance in some way from the founding Garden, hopefully to secure
more material the researcher is requesting.

Any responses would be appreciated.

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