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I found the Tomolonus name in ITIS. There is only one listed species in =
the database.
Scientific Name =3D Tomolonus reductus (TSN 99913)
Usage: invalid
Unacceptability Reason: junior synonym
Author: Mills, 1949
Kingdom : Animalia
Rank: Species=20
Valid Scientific Name: Tomocerus reductus (Mills, 1949) (99912)

I also found Pachyneuridae (as suggested by Doug Y.)
Scientific Name =3D Pachyneuridae (TSN 121299)
Usage: valid
Kingdom : Animalia
Rank: Family=20

Hope this helps.

 "Allison R. Brigham" <abrigham at USGS.GOV> 01/29/99 01:02pm >>>

I am reviewing some older lists of invertebrate taxa from the
northeastern United States and have the old, outdated names
of two taxa for which I cannot find currently valid names. The
taxa are (1) Tomolonus and (2) Pacyneuridae. The information
I have is so sketchy that I do not even know the phylum! The
traditional sources such as Zoological Record or the ITIS
database have come up blank, as have the web search

Any leads?

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