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At 04:14 PM 29-01-99 -0500, R. Zander wrote:
>I got the PCAST and Darwin Declaration documents (searched Altavista) and
>them valuable. Can you (or anyone else) cite a few of the "hundred other"
>studies that might be on the Web? Even their titles would help.

U. S. Government. Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, National
Science and Technology Council. 1994.  Strategic Planning Document -
Environment and Natural Resources. 1994.

National Biodiversity Information Center. 1994. A consensus document.
Advisory Planning Board, The National Biodiversity Information Center,
Washington, DC.

Black, C. C. et al. (11 authors), 1989. Loss of Biological Diversity: A
Global Crisis Requiring International Solutions. National Science
Foundation, National Science Board, NSB 89-171.

Systematics Agenda 2000: Charting the Biosphere. New York. 1994.
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