John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Sat Jan 30 22:27:14 CST 1999

>Computerized phylogenetic analysis is decades old, but no one really has
yet a
>decent grasp of it. We are all clinging to a stick with only one end.
>Richard Zander

I found this statement have have some irony from the perspective of
biogeography since vicariance cladists condem Croizat's biogeographic
studies because they were "pre-cladistic" (i.e. not explicitly
cladistic), yet it seems to me from comments by Zander and others that the
cladistic world of character analysis may have no real claim to absolute
superiority anyway (although I would agree that there is superiority in that
 the analytical steps are made explicit in current studies).

It also seems sometimes that the more people take an interest in a key
group the more unsettled its systematics remains.

John Grehan

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