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Fred Rickson ricksonf at AVA.BCC.ORST.EDU
Thu Jan 7 05:48:31 CST 1999

This is the second time in about four months that the site has been
announced....but it is only an opening picture.  My computer system is fa=
and working fine, but there is nothing here but a multiple-image picture
with an included title.  Maybe the Costa Ricans need to take a look to se=
if there is a problem.


Fred Rickson

> From: Alejandro Masis <amasis at mail.acguanacaste.ac.cr>
> To: TAXACOM at CMSA.BERKELEY.EDU; consbio at u.washington.edu;
elan at csf.colorado.edu
> Cc: arnaltnc at telcel.net.ve; bharris at bridge.com; birdlife at ecnet.ec;
ccc at cccturtle.org; centro-a at sfu.ca; director at ambiente-ecologico.com
> Subject: NEW: Species Home Pages
> Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 7:16 AM
> We invite your comments on the draft Species Home Pages and Species Pag=
> for the plants of the Area de Conservaci=F3n Guananacaste (ACG), Costa
> at http://www.acguanacaste.ac.cr .    We are beginning to internet
> distribute species-based and site-specific biodiversity information as
> of the conservation of a wildland through its biodiversity development.
> The ACG will begin to internet publish this information by mid-1999, so
> your input now will be specially useful.
> Please send in your comments to
> Alejandro Masis: amasis at acguanacaste.ac.cr
> Felipe Chavarria: fchava at acguanacaste.ac.cr
> Alejandro Masis
> Prog.Investigaci=F3n
> Area de Conservaci=F3n Guanacaste
> Guanacaste, Costa Rica
> Apartado Postal 169-5000
> Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
> Tel-Fax:
> (506) 695-5598 (Santa Rosa)
> (506) 695-5577 (Pocosol)
> (506) 666-0630 (Liberia)
> Solicitar pasar mensaje por radio

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