help w/ spider ids

scott roush mossanimal at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 12 12:56:51 CST 1999

Hello again...

Thanks to all who replied with my last cry for help for terrestrial
isopod and earthworm experts (where are all the isopod experts
anyway!??).  Now we need someone for leaf-litter spiders.

To refresh memories.... I am working on an EPA funded project to
assess the impact of environmental stressors on the genetic diversity
of terrestrial invertebrates using RAPD-PCR. To do this we need
accurate determinations of all our specimens.  We have found someone
for the earthworms, I think we have someone for the isopods.... Now we
need someone for small, leaf-litter spiders... Can anyone point me in
the right direction?

Thanks all..... Scott

Scott A. Roush
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