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The position involves research on the diversity of algae, organisation
of the Culture Collection of Algae which presently harbours about
3000 strains of mainly freshwater microalgae, and teaching.  The
successful candidate is expected to develop an independent research
project that makes use of the diversity of algae in the fields of
molecular biology, physiology or biochemistry. Experimental research on
the biotechnological exploitation of algae is welcome. A major goal of the
position is the organisation and development of the Culture
Collection.  The work will be assisted by the technical staff of the
department. Teaching will be in elementary classes of plant anatomy
and lower plant morphology as well as in an advanced class on the
candidate's specific research topic.

Research experience on one or several groups of algae is desired and
the sucessful candidate should have a good knowledge of algae at the
organismal level, experience in culturing and isolating algae, and in
molecular techniques.

The position is open from April 1st 1999.  Deadline for applications is
March 1st 1999.  It will start as a "BAT IIa" (30 hrs/week) until a
"Wissenschaftlicher Assistent C1" position is available from October
1999 on. Salary will be about DM 48,000/year netto.  Qualification
for professorship ("Habilitation") should be reached within that time.
The successful candidate must have a PhD (preferrably not older than
3 years).

The University of Goettingen is an equal opportunity employer.  Women
are encouraged to apply.

For further details please contact Thomas Friedl (tfriedl at
or PHONE +49 551 397868, FAX +49 551 397871).

Applications should be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedl, Experimentelle Phykologie und
Sammlung fuer Algenkulturen, Albrecht-von-Haller-Institut
fuer Pflanzenwissenschaften, Universitaet Goettingen,
Untere Karspuele 2, 37073 Goettingen, Germany


 Thomas Friedl
 fuer Pflanzenwissenschaften
 Abteilung Experimentelle Phykologie
 und Sammlung von Algenkulturen
 Universitaet Goettingen
 Untere Karspuele 2
 37073 Goettingen
 PHONE +49 551-397868 / 397870
 FAX   +49 551-397871 / 397823
 email: tfriedl at

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